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Everybody has a Story. Do you Have a Story to Tell or a Recipe to Share?

We need news. You need free exposure.

Wine, Drinks, Food and Travel authors and business owners:

Times are hard right now for the wine, food and travel industries. We’d like to help to promote you in our own small way. Southwest Wine Guide is an unpretentious, independent wine, food and travel website, not only about the American Southwest, but nationally and globally. We’ve been around for about 10 years. We publish a variety of articles and blogs posts and send out a twice monthly email roundup of wine, food and travel news. We have a robust social media following especially on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our offer is simple: send us your news, articles, videos, pictures or blog posts, and we’ll promote you on our various platforms. No strings attached. We need news to share. You need free exposure. Here are the details:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we're opening our content submissions to include the following:
  • Delivery, pick-up, shipping or carry-out news
  • Valuable travel tips to share (when we can all start traveling again)
  • Something humorous (but tasteful) in wine, drinks food or travel
  • Interesting wine, drinks, food or travel photos
  • Wine, drinks, food or travel videos
  • Wine and Drinks tastings and reviews 
  • Chef and Restaurant Reviews 
  • Hotel and Travel destination reviews 
  • Culinary reviews 
  • Recipes (especially with wine pairings)
  • Food and Wine pairings
  • Food and Drinks pairings 
  • Barware and Kitchen gadgets reviews 
  • Vineyard wedding advice
Readership - Our readers are between the ages of 35 and 65 with an equal mix of male/female. Our primary audience resides in The United States, Canada and The United Kingdom. They are intelligent, Internet-savvy, middle-to-upper-middle class income and busy, and look to our publication for interesting, insightful and credible information. 

Content Submission Guidelines  

To submit content for consideration in our publication, please review the guidelines and follow the instructions below.  


Authors retain copyright of their original work. Although we prefer original content, authors retain the right to publish their material elsewhere.  

Southwest Wine Guide reserves the right to edit content, add or delete images, etc. At our discretion, some content may be included in our Wine Education section, or our Possible Pours Blog. We reserve the right to utilize a plagiarism tool to ensure that any material submitted is original.

Word Count Guide 

Blog Posts – 300 to 1,500 words 

Long-Form Articles – 1,500 – 3,500 words 

White Papers and Special Reports – 3,000 – 10,000+ words 

Videos – No more than 15 minutes in length 

Resource Links 

Please provide links to the sources that were used to research the content. The links should be placed at the end of the content or in a separate file with the headingResources Used. If you have linked resources within the body of the content, please list them in the order they were used. 


Royalty-free images or images you have personally taken may be included in your article submission and should be no smaller than 700px wide x 300px high. Please send them in a separate file in JPG format. Please label each image or show image placement in a content mock-up. If your images are not Royalty-free, please include the source name of the image (i.e. photographer or artist name). 

Submitted Content is not paid  

Southwest Wine Guide does not pay for contributed content, but if the content is engaging to read and useful to our readership, we will energetically promote on social media such as LinkedIn, PinterestFacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

No Content Disguised as Ads  

If your content includes information that would portray it as an advertisement, Southwest Wine Guide has the right to exclude or edit. Examples would include contact information within the body of the content or a link to a specific product. Bylines may also be edited or removed at our discretion.

Include your Credentials, Contact Information, Company or Business Name, Photo & URL link  

Please include your name, address, email and phone number, photo (if applicable) and any credentials at the end of the article so that we may contact you if we have questions about your submission. You may also include a brief bio.  

Although the contact information you provide may not be included in the publication, we cannot publish content that does not include contact information with the submission. 

Your content will be linked to your website for more information. Please provide your website URL link along with your submission.

How to Submit Content  

Articles - Please submit your article, news or blog post in Microsoft Word format. PDF files will not be accepted. Send your article via email to  with the subject line: Article Submission.

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your article within 72 hours.  

Other Content – Depending on the type of content and file size, we may request that you send it via Google Docs or Dropbox. Please contact us for instructions. 


Please contact us with any questions.