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Pull up Your Tighty-Whities and Just Sip It!

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Noisy Water Winery strips it all down with this Pinot Grigio

By Carol A. Wilcox  Photos by Paul Wilcox

Every so often, we get together with a small group of wine lovers to talk about, learn and taste different types of wine. Admittedly, I’m usually the one who searches for something different, quirky, fun, or just plain unusual. That’s how we recently came to taste Tighty Whitey pinot grigio from New Mexico’s Noisy Water Winery (purchased $20.00, 12.5% alc).

Noisy Waters-Tighty-Whitey-Wine

This is not a serious white wine, so if you consider yourself a serious wine drinker, this post isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a decent white wine that’s a fun conversation-starter, keep reading.

When we presented this wine to our group there were chuckles at the name and the label, which depicts men holding up signs in nothing else but their tighty-whities. Pouring the wine, the color was pale yellow with aromas of peaches, honey and straw. The group was surprised that the wine wasn’t as dry as might be expected from a pinot grigio and it had a slightly sweet finish as well.

Noisy Waters-Tighty-Whitey-Wine

Located in Alto, on the outskirts of the Ruidoso, New Mexico wine region, Noisy Waters sits at an elevation of 7,300 feet. Tighty Whitey is a tribute to the early days when Noisy Water was a stripped-down operation with just a few oak wine barrels, a handful of helpers, and nothing but their “tighty whities” to call their own.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this pinot grigio or of this wine making operation. Noisy Water is now the third largest winery in New Mexico, producing a number of varietals all made with grapes from their vineyard or sourced from other New Mexican grape growers. Winemaker/owner Jasper Riddle also produces some serious, award-winning wines.

As an entrepreneur looking for new and different ways to showcase the wines of New Mexico, Riddle believes in producing wine for all types of wine drinkers regardless of experience, preference or taste. Tighty Whitey pinot grigio is one of those easy, stripped-down, uncomplicated sippers that you don’t need to really think about (and something you can even sip in just your tighty whities if you choose).

Our group agreed it would be a nice warm weather appetizer kind of wine paired with a refreshing cheese and fruit plate. It would also be a great wine for a novice wine drinker looking to venture out a bit to try something other than a white zinfandel.



Noisy Water Winery

Ruidoso Tasting Room: 575-257-9335

The Cellar Uncorked Tasting Room; 575-630-0037

Cloudcroft Tasting Room: 575-682-6610

Santa Fe Tasting Room: 505-983-9454

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