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Locations E Spanish Red Wine Review

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Unconventional wine blends from major wine producing locations.


By Carol A. WiIcox

Graphics by Paul Wilcox

It’s all about the location, according to Locations winemaker David Phinney. Throughout the world, there are individual major wine producing locations, each creating wines that are a unique reflection of the soil, climate and vines within their respective appellations. Phinney wondered what would happen if he could blend fruit from across these appellations and create a wine blend that was the best representation of each respective country.

Unconventional for sure, but Phinney wondered what would happen if there were no rules. This is how the Locations wines series began.

All wines in the Locations series bear letters and numbers. The letter on the label stands for the country the grapes are sourced from. The number indicates the release edition.



We tasted Locations E4 Spanish Red. This is an interesting blend of Ganarcha, Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Carignan. In the glass, the color is deep blood red with aromas of spice, pepper, dark fruit, tobacco and earth. On the palate there are tastes of dark plums, dark cherry, oak and vanilla. The finish is dry, lingering and smooth, with soft tannins. The appearance of the wine would lead you to think it would be more full-bodied than it actually tastes. Nevertheless, this was a nice wine that can be enjoyed with or without food.

Phinney only works with top-quality vineyards and growers who are open to new ideas and methods, seeking out old vines with low fruit yields to produce the best wines specific to the area. The fruit is then combined to create a wine reflective of each country.


E4 Spanish Red produced and bottled by Locations Wine

Price: $17.00 - $20.00. Available at Total Wine and other wine stores.

Alcohol by Volume: 14.5%

Source: Tasting

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