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Interpreting the Connections Between Man and Nature

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My Interview with Ken Newman


By Carol A. Wilcox

Photos by Paul Wilcox

He sits on a bench, completely engrossed in a small piece of wood he’s carving, that he doesn’t even realize visitors have stopped and are watching. He is surrounded by his work – a variety of sculptures on different subjects in wood or bronze, all on exhibit at Celebration of Fine Art  in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

At first glance, his work seems a bit eclectic; but upon further inspection, the pieces all seem to have perfect balance and synergy. When he finally looks up at his visitors, one can sense a man who is completely comfortable in his environment. Clearly, this is a person who is in love with his craft. 

A self-taught artist, Ken Newman, whose career spans over thirty years began creating art from various forms of wood. Over the years, his craft evolved and he now also enjoys using mixed media and bronze to create his unique pieces. Ken is an Elected Member of the National Sculpture Society and the Allied Artists of America.  He is also a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and an Affiliate member of the National Sculptors Guild. He is a quiet, pensive man who when asked to talk about his work, will provide intimate details of how the wood felt in his hands, how the stones or copper responded, or what part of a casual conversation inspired an idea. 


Looking at the pieces on exhibit, one can see that they are a personal statement of Newman’s own life journey as a person and an artist. His exhibit includes sculptures of pheasants, small birds, fish, dogs, scorpions, or everyday people, many in humble circumstances. Each piece is a story unto itself and is a result of an emotional response. The common thread for Newman is to interpret the connection to the relationships between man and nature. His ability to create something that will last a lifetime from a moment of inspiration is fascinating. 




Ken and his wife Debbie live in Idaho and travel to different fine art shows across the country in their RV along with their LabrKen-Debbie-Newmanador Retriever, Emma.










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