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Wine Review - Aridus 2015 Syrah

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Rhone-style wine from the Arizona desert
By Carol A. Wilcox         Photos by Paul Wilcox

I had help with this wine review of Aridus 2015 Syrah when we shared a bottle (purchased $37.45/14.4 alc.) with friends who enjoy tasting wine as much as we do. I’ve written about Aridus Wine Company before and continue to be impressed by their consistently good wines. I was anxious to know what other wine lovers thought about this bottle. Please note that our group did not look at the wine notes on the label before tasting, so our impressions may be different than what the label describes.

We were collectively a bit surprised by the color in the glass as it was a rosy red and lighter than most Syrah we have opened. There wasn’t a lot of aroma on the nose, but we detected subtle, pleasant notes of oak and mocha. Once the wine opened in the glass, we detected more notes of earth and coffee.

Tasting the wine, the flavors were concentrated in the center of the mouth. The taste was smooth with mild tannins with a slightly acidic finish. The group agreed that it was a well-balanced wine, light to medium-bodied and easy to drink with or without food. We enjoyed this wine with cheese, crackers and parmesan-stuffed olives.


When we read the tasting notes and realized that this was a Rhone-style wine it made sense as the wine had more of an earthy taste as opposed to fruity. The notes describe the wine as having aromas and layers of dark, concentrated earthy flavors. The consensus of this mini wine tasting was that we enjoyed this wine and would purchase it again.

Located in Willcox, Arizona, Aridus has 40 acres of estate vineyards in Pearce, Arizona currently falling under the Willcox Appellation, although that may change in the future as a new appellation named Chiricahua Foothills has been proposed. Until they are fully planted, Aridus also purchases grapes from other growers in Arizona, California and New Mexico. The fruit sourced for the 2015 Syrah was from Deep Sky Vineyards in Cochise County, Arizona. This wine was a winner in the 2018 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.


Aridus Wine Company

Scottsdale Tasting Room

7173 East Main St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Willcox Tasting Room

145 North Railview Ave.

Willcox, AZ 85643


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