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Wine Review - Shroud Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

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By Carol A. Wilcox    Photos by Paul Wilcox

Not a choice for steak, but pretty nice with pizza. 




It was a pizza night one recent Saturday and we were looking for something red that would go well with it. I chose Shroud Mountain 2015 Cabernet (13.2% ALC. purchased at $16.99 ) from our wine rack. Now, arguably, some might say that $16.99 for a  bottle wine to go with pizza is a bit much. But, since I had two bottles (and this was a gourmet pizza after all), I wanted to give at least one bottle a try and I think my choice was a good one. 

Shroud Mountain wines are crafted in California by Aaron Bader, a former Opus One winemaker. Tasting notes for this 2015 Cabernet have described this wine as medium-bodied,  rich  and full of serious flavor. It also received a 90 point rating by The Tasting Panel Magazine. Maybe so, but we didn't think it merited that high a score and we didn't think it was all that rich and flavorful. 

The color in the glass was ruby red and there were slight aromas of dark berry and spice. Tasting the wine, it had light tannins and a soft minerality with a little spice at the finish. It was very smooth, mellow and pleasant but definitely not robust or rich.  It was an easy-drinking and uncomplicated wine and a pretty nice accompaniment to a pizza. 

This wine was part of a shipment that we received and personally paid for, from Laithwaite's Wine,  a wine club specializing in small-batch wines. Shroud Mountain is part of a portfolio of wines bottled and distributed by Lionstone International, a Laithwaite company specializing in wines for wine clubs. 


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