A Possible Pour Wine Review: Tasting Fern Ridge Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

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By: Carol A. Wilcox    Photos by: Paul Wilcox

Paul was making a pork loin for dinner and we wanted something light to drink with it. I chose a recently purchased (ALC. 13%  $ 15.00) bottle of Fern Ridge 2016 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. We enjoy a good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc when we want something a bit more refreshing than heavier reds. We’ve even converted dyed-in-the-wool red Zinfandel lovers to these white wines, especially during the warm summer months. 

This is a really nice wine for the price. When you purchase a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc you often get a highly tart and lemon citrusy-tasting wine, and sometimes, overly so. In the glass, Fern Ridge had a light yellow-green grass hue with aromas of soft citrus. The wine comes alive on the palate with just-the-right tartness of pungent gooseberry and passion fruit. The finish is smooth and dry. It went very well with the dish that Paul had prepared – pork loin with fig sauce, steamed asparagus and scalloped potato. 



Fern Ridge Wines started in 2009 and is family-owned. Grapes are sourced from sustainable New Zealand vineyards in the Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay areas. In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, the winery produces Marlborough Pino Gris and Marlborough Pinot Noir. 


Fern Ridge Wines 

27 Napier Road, Box 8948 

Havelock North 4130 

Hawk’s Bay, New Zealand 

Available in the United States at Total Wine and other stores. 

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